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Saturday Schools in Northern California  
German School Fremont 
German School of the South Bay
German Saturday School San Francisco
German School of Marin
German American School of Palo Alto
GASANC (German-American School Association of Northern California)

Other German Schools in the Bay Area
East Bay German International School
German International School of Silicon Valley

Other German Institutions in the Bay Area 
The Excelsior German Center
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)
Deutsches Generalkonsulat San Francisco
UGAS-EB (United German-American Societies of the East Bay, Inc.)
Goethe-Institut San Francisco
Link collections at German School of San Francisco

Portals for Teachers, Parents and Autodidacts
German Language Portal
LEO online dictionary
Grimm Grammar – UC Texas
Deutsche Welle
G20 Classroom


German Language Schools Conference

News/Current Affairs
Deutsche Welle

Studying in Germany
Studying in Germany

Web Portals
German World (English)
Der deutsche Michel