German Books
Frequently, parents and students inquire about sources for German literature and textbooks. The following list may help you find stores, publishers and importers. It is not meant as an endorsement of particular companies.

Local sources include many of the larger or specialty bookstores, especially those near the UC Berkeley campus (e.g. Cody’s). Also, newspapers and magazines can be found at these bookstores and specialty newsstands (e.g. Dave’s International News, 2444 Durant Ave., Berkeley).

1. Textbooks
from major publishers:

  • Hueber (
  • Klett ( – local contact: Christiane Frederickson –
  • Langenscheidt ( US-Office: toll-free (800) 432-6277 or (718) 784-0055
  • You can search the complete German book market at Buch + Medien online (


2. Local Store

European Books (
Address: 925 Larkin Street, San Francisco CA 94109,
T.: (415) 474-0626

3. Distributors and Import Services