To foster a spirit of community as well as keep tuition low, the German School of the East Bay asks that each family or adult student volunteer at least 3 hours per semester.  At the beginning of the semester, a $75 volunteer/library book deposit is required, and once the volunteer commitment has been met, and no library books are outstanding, the deposit is returned at the end of the semester.  Deposits are not carried over from semester to semester.

In addition to the volunteer hours, each student (except for a Sign- und Spielgruppe student) is asked to bring a healthy snack at least once during the semester.  Kindergarten students are asked to bring healthy snacks for their classroom.  All other students are asked to bring a healthy snack for approximately 25-30 people.

Volunteer hours and snack commitments are managed via the online internet service SignUpGenius (just click icon to access).

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SignUpGenius sends out sign-up reminders and invitations for future volunteer opportunities.


Volunteering Details:

Shifts: One shift covers the 3-hour commitment for a family.  We ask for volunteers in the morning (AM) and afternoon (PM) to help with the combined responsibilities of Kaffeekasse, Yard Duty and the Library as needed for that day.  All AM shifts are from 9:15am to 12:15pm, and PM shifts are from 12:45pm to 3:30pm.  If you need to split your commitment into smaller time blocks, indicate so in the comments section when signing up, and provide details regarding how long you will be there.  After you have completed your shift, sign the Volunteer book in the GSEB Library Room or the GSEB Kitchen.

School Volunteer Responsibilities for Saturday AM and PM Sessions/Shifts: You will help as needed for the session in one of the following

  • Kaffeekasse – Assist with setting up for the morning or afternoon  “Pause” (class breaks).
  • Yard Duty – Supervise children during their classroom break. The Yard Duty Sheet provides specific information about what is involved.  This volunteer opportunity is a priority for child safety.  It takes place in the GSEB outdoor area and occurs:
    •  Saturday, AM – 10:25 am to 11:05 am
    • Saturday, PM – 1:55 pm to 2:35 pm
  • Library – Assist in the GSEB Library Room with the check-in/check-out of school library loaned books.  Busy times are usually 15 minutes before class and 15 minutes after class.20160227_105423
  • Other Volunteer Opportunities: Besides Kafffeekasse, Yard Duty and the Library, the following volunteer opportunities also exist: Laternenfest, Christmas Bazaar, Christmas Treats Sale, Adventsfeier, and Easter Candies Sale.

Snack Details:

Sing- und Spielgruppe families are not asked to provide a school snack as the class time is much shorter.  (They are, however, asked to volunteer.)

A Kindergarten student is asked to bring a healthy snack for the classroom at least once per semester.

A student in any class other then Sing- und Spielgruppe or Kindergartern is asked to bring a healthy snack for approximately 25-30 people at least once per semester .  These Kaffeekasse snacks are offered to students during their breaks at a small cost ($0.25 on up) thereby serving as a small fundraiser for the school.

Healthy Kaffeekasse Snack Suggestions include:

  • Fruit: apples, strawberries, mandarin oranges
  • Bagels, regular or mini, cream cheese
  • Mini croissants
  • Dinner rolls, sliced cheese, salami
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Banana breads
  • Cake, muffins
  • Mini bagel pizzas

Any food items containing peanuts and/or tree nuts must be clearly labeled specifying what they contain.

Sign-up sheets for snacks can be found on the SignUpGenius website.

After you have brought a snack, sign the Volunteer Kaffeekasse book in the GSEB Kitchen.


If you have any questions, please contact Kit Thompson , GSEB volunteer coordinator, at volunteers@gseb-school.org or 510-459-5357.