Head Teacher

The German School of the East Bay is hiring a Head Teacher. Located in Oakland, the School meets on Saturdays and offers classes in German language and culture for children and adults. The Head Teacher will run academic operations, executing strategic guidance given by the board of the school.

The role of Head Teacher at GSEB shall include, but is not limited to, the following duties:

Teacher Liaison:

  • Classroom oversight: monitor classrooms and teachers regularly to ensure highest academic standards are maintained
  • Ensure every teacher has an approved and agreed upon lesson plan prior to semester start
  • Complete and distribute end-of-year teacher evaluation forms (this may be done electronically via survey tool) in a timely fashion with teachers and share results with teachers
  • Responsible for ensuring substitute teachers are available
  • Serve as primary substitute when teachers are unable to find replacement
  • Serve as teacher representative at Board of Directors meetings
  • Facilitate teacher meetings to be held twice (2x) per term
  • Ensure teachers have adequate information about all important topics regarding the school and its proceedings
  • Utilize email updates and personal interactions
  • Pass on information from board members and board meetings
  • Inform about processes and requirements
  • Teacher/education communication
  • Other as required

Classroom Course Standards: 

  • Approve materials for classroom including books and supplies
  • Ensure distribution of materials, books, supplies to teachers and classes
  • Propose changes to school curriculum and academic standards as required; implement with board approval
  • Review classroom curriculum annually with teachers and make written and verbal recommendations for improvements
  • Provide template for report card to be distributed to teachers of children’s classes
  • Provide and review class evaluation forms for each class for both students and parents

Parent/Student Teaching Liaison:

  • Perform classroom placement for GSEB students, especially new students
  • Communicate with parents/students concerning class placement and address placement concerns
  • Coordinate placement information with Office Manager and Registrar
  • Serve as school representative when engaging with parents and outside community

Testing Duties:

  • Work with Testing Coordinator and test proctors regarding execution of all testing
  • Provide recap and feedback of test results to GSEB board

Teacher Management and Hiring:

  • Recruit new teachers including conducting interviews in conjunction with a Board representative, and provide training and onboarding
  • Ensure replacement of teachers in timely fashion to ensure continuity of student experience
  • Coordinate teacher and assistant placement assignments, taking student and teacher capabilities into account
  • Make recommendations for teacher continuing development to Board
  • Perform teacher evaluations minimum annually
  • Responsible for teacher discipline as required

Board Member Duties:

  • Attend board meetings and provide updates related to academic affairs of school

Events and School Supervision:

  • Work with events coordinator on annual Christmas event program including arranging student participation
  • Participate in GASANC meetings as required (umbrella organization for German Saturdays Schools in the Bay Area)
  • Attend relevant training and conferences, as approved by board, to serve as representative of school

The Head Teacher is expected to be at the school during days when school is in session, i.e. Saturdays during both morning and afternoon sessions, to be available for consulting with faculty, students, parents and others as needed.  Additional work on administrative tasks to be performed as needed during the week to ensure smooth functioning of school.

Head Teacher Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Teaching experience in German language, especially to children
  • Excellent German language proficiency or Native Speaker
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Experience leading teams
  • Formal education in pedagogy desirable

To submit your resume, or to learn more about this opportunity, please contact: president@gseb-school.org