Children and Teens

1. Elementary Grades

Skill levels: Intermediate to advanced (no beginners). Elementary students are placed in classes together with similar skills and ages. 

New students will be assessed on the 1st day of school to ensure sure the language level fits the class.

Elementary I

Grades 1/2, intermediate/advanced (no beginners)
Students in 1st and 2nd grade will cover topics like “about me”, animals, hobbies, family, and food. The class still emphasize the spoken language, but will also introduce the German letter/sounds system in a playful and engaging way. The students will learn to read and write short German sentences. The class will be taught immersion style whenever possible, and vocabulary expansion through games, songs, seasonal crafts, and story-time is another important part of the class. Students will learn basic grammar rules, concentrating on nouns and verbs.

Prerequisites: This class is open to speakers with intermediate to advanced German skills.
Minimum enrollment: 6

Elementary II

Grades 3-5, advanced (no beginners)
At this age, students strengthen reading and writing abilities. They read and write short stories and informational texts, and give short presentations in class. The students will also immerse in the German language and further expand their vocabulary. Grammar will concentrate on sentences and prepositions. In the spring, all students will take the A1 exam provided by the ZfA (Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen).
Prerequisites: This class is open to German speakers with advanced language skills. The students can understand and speak basic German (maintain an easy age-appropriate conversation), have basic knowledge of German letters and their sounds, and can read and write sentences and simple, short texts in German. The students know to capitalize nouns and conjugate regular verbs.
Minimum enrollment: 6

Elementary III

Grades 4/5, intermediate (no beginners)
In addition to the mostly immersion-style classroom setting, students in this class will use a German textbook providing them with a systematic, age-appropriate language approach, including pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and reading, and writing tasks. Students will be able to maintain conversations about family, school, clothing, and games at the end of this grade, and they will be introduced to basic German grammar.
Prerequisites: The students have basic German skills, and can understand and speak some German (introduce themselves, numbers, colors, favorite toys /sports, etc.), and read and write simple German words/sentences.
Minimum enrollment: 6 

2. Middle School / High School


Grades 6+, advanced
Students work further on expanding their vocabulary, grammar knowledge, and reading, writing and listening skills. We use a level-appropriate German textbook, but the students will also watch videos, work online, read and discuss at least one book together, and work on projects and presentations. At the end of this level, the students will have finished the A2 curriculum. The students will take the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) exam and start to prepare for the A2 exam by the ZfA (Zentralstelle für das Auslandschulwesen).
Prerequisites: This class is open to German speakers with advanced language skills. The students can understand and speak German, maintain a conversation, and write in German. The students know nouns, verbs, adjectives, and conjunctions in German, can use the past tense and have passed the A1 Test (ZfA) successfully (3 stars in each category).
Minimum enrollment: 6 

DSD1 + DSD2/AP (advanced)

–> DSD 1, grades 9+

–> DSD 2 / AP,
 grades 10+