Neues Benennungssystem der Klassen

Neues Benennungssystem der Klassen (Aug. 2015)

American Grade GSEB Klasse vorheriger Name
PK/K/1 I/ Beginner Maeuse
I/ Intermediate Hamster
I/ Advanced Katzen
I/ Advanced Wiesel a.m.
1/2/3 I/II Intermediate
I/II Advanced Wiesel p.m.
II/III Intermediate Rotfuechse
2/3/4 III/IV Intermediate Fledermaeuse
III/IV Advanced Jaguare
4/5 IV/V Intermediate Delphine
4-high school VI Beginner
5/6/7/8 VI Intermediate Pinguine
5/6/7/8 VI Advanced Eisbaeren
Middle/high school DSD I Prep.
Middle/high school DSD II Prep.

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